The Story...

It's in there somewhere.

It has a beginning, a middle, but where does it end?

Book or Script?

Limited word projects. Where every word counts, and where it need a thought provoking and succinct story that is both memorable and stand alone in a thousand entry competition.

It started with an interest, turned into a hobby, moved onto a passion, developed into a compulsion, and now its simply an addiction. Writing is a sin, enjoyed by all.

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writing is re writing. Its about being driven by the subconscious, led by the heart, following instinct and breathing life - then allowing the craft to edit, and finding a balance between your written voice and structure. But above all, being bold and believing in your true self.

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Into the woods

"Tearing out my emptiness by tricking Faking all my dreams, pretend I'm home, Many lies I've build around my feelings, Convincing to believe it in myself Rectify my innocence, its killing, Change my way of living and my goals, I'm ready now and free to other feelings The leaf now turns to green…"

Beginners course

Beginners course Beginners course Beginners course
You have an idea. A simple core subject matter you love, live and breath. Or maybe a family member, one who has led an extraordinary life filled with wit, wisdom and dare, on the edge and real true life drama. Or maybe you just want to give writing your best shot, but don't have any specific in mind. Then welcome, you are not alone.
At this stage, you are easily influenced by those who believe they are seasoned writers. Don't be. Because we all have a style, a voice, a talent that can only be unleashed if we are given the right tools for the job.
That is where I come in.
I will lead you by the hand through the full process of starting your book, giving you a hero, and a villain, where you take them and what you do with them.
And overall, and most importantly, how to tell a compelling and imaginative story.

Professional course

I offer a full or part time professional course to develop the writer in the art and craft of the Story - in its full entirety.
Either online or in a classroom environment.

So lets start at the beginning.

A story has three simple components; a beginning, a middle and an end

Thereafter there are two basic stories; internal and external.

And from these humble beginnings we start our lesson.

We aim to cover the set up, the ground where our story begins. Where we establish our character, our protagonist/s.
How we develop them as a three dimensional character before their moment, their inciting incident, the hook, the launchpad that gives them the drive and want to take them on a wonderful and dramatic adventure.

Then where the antagonist enters, how their twists and turns of conflict between the want of the Protagonist clash and collide. How you create drama out of a crisis.

Here we learn how to write backstory, key plot points, how to create conflict and desire. we learn about internal and external struggles and how to drive the story forward.

We learn about the spine of the story and how character development is important. What your characters learn from their journey and how the truth they find may not always be what they set out for in the first instance.

And how sometimes, its not what you write, its what you leave out.

But most of all, we strip our story bare, and identify how to hold the readers focus and attention.

Here are a few comments from my past students

"Thank you, Your teaching is inspirational. I absolutely love coming to your writing class and with all sincerity, it has changed my life"
"With every lesson, I leave feeling exhilarated and simply can't wait to dig deeper into my book. I now, strangely, love the process of re-writing. When I first came to Rob, I had a flicker of a story. Now I have a family of characters who live in my mind, and I love every one of them. The best decision I ever made."
"Thank you for believing in me. I will finish my book in the Summer, and will have realised a life long ambition".
"I have been tutored by Rob for 5 months in a writers group and he has shown us how to structure our stories, create our characters and take them on a journey that will fascinate your readers. He doesn’t focus so much on beautifully written sentences, anyone can do that, his aim is to teach you to concentrate on intriguing characters within a structured, explosive plot for your novel or screenplay. He is a brilliant writer himself, a master of his craft, and will always share a genuine pearl of wisdom when you are unsure which way to turn. His methods for getting your work in front of literary professionals so they will actually read it has been a revelation. I thoroughly recommend him."

On line course

On line course On line course On line course
The basis of this is vast and varied. You can have a specific requirement you need assistance with, or you wish to try writing for the very first time, think you may have a talent, but unsure where to start.
Starting with a two month on line course up to a year, they all are individually designed to your own specific requirements.
Theses are not generic, pre posted chapters, they are written to you and for you.
For a basic starter course, I will set you homework, critique and develop your writing to encourage you to be bold in your own writers voice.


  • Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, Spain

Personal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring Personal Mentoring Personal Mentoring
Aimed at people with a specific project they need guidence and direction with. Maybe a single specific problem, or lots of small ones that need ironing out. It could be a one off, or ongoing help to critique your project, or help to bring to completion. 


Residential Residential Residential
What makes our residential course so special?
The Tuition - small groups of maximum five people, where our intense, and professional course allows you both group tuition and personal mentoring. This course is geared toward the student leaving feeling inspired, enriched with knowledge and the continued assistance to have the confidence and ability to see your project to fruition.
The Location - set in the Granadella national park, with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop, you will have the tranquility and personal space to de clutter and focus on your intended project.
The Food - Hugely important to feed the brain with wonderfuly nutritious and delicious food. Having owner operated several restaurants, being Michelin listed, and good food guide highly recommended, and historically being a member of the Master Chefs of Great Britain, you will experience simply the most devine and inspiration food ever. We focus on seasonal, healthy, home made/ grown, home cured and home smoked, our own bread and much more.

Your Tutor

Your Tutor Your Tutor Your Tutor
Rob has a natural talent for story. He has completed several intensive courses in his earlier career, including a diploma in Creative Writing, a Master Degree (distinction), in writing for television theatre and Radio.
He won several competition for his talent in story, including a BBC national competition where he was selected to attend a masterclass and invited to meet the heads of production and drama.
From here Rob worked in script development working with several production companies.
He has hosted classes in writing for theatre,
Television and creative writing in the UK, France and Mainland Spain.
The endorsements from his many students speak for themselves. 

Writers groups

Writers groups Writers groups Writers groups
Meetings are hosted fortnightly, in various locations, along the Costa Blanca coast, which give the writer time to address their homework tasks and complete, in time for the next meeting.
These meetings are intended to accept writers who are starting from scratch, and a secondary group will be playing to the more experienced writers.
Either way, each meeting we will address new and in depth sectors of story construction. Relating also to the fact that strong characters make good drama, so we will constantly re addressing your story, its development, that of your protagonist, and how we take the plot, and its twists forward.

The groups will be for three hour duration and will be for a maximum of five people.

The price for these groups start from 20 euros per meeting, per person. this includes the homework task, and its reading.

An initial lesson of two hours to see if this is the right group for you, and to see if it is exactly what you are looking for, is free. In this meeting, we will cover exactly what you will be learning, how I teach, and to dispel the myth that you need to be an academic genius to write..